About Us

Here at the Somerset Young Parents team, we are committed to helping you through a tough but incredible period of your life. As a new parent, we know you often need all the help and advice you can get!

This website, and the related downloadable workbooks, are purely to help you get through your pregnancy and the few first vital years of your baby's life.

Our main service is a health visiting team.

Role of the Health Visiting Team

Health Visiting team provide a home visiting and community based service to support
children and families in promoting health and wellbeing. The team work predominantly with
families and children under 5 years.

A health visitor is a nurse with a specialist public health qualification who leads a team of community nurses and nursery nurses.

Health Visitors are not just interested in the health of your child but are also there to listen to you, to help advise and support you and your family in many situations. Examples may include how to get help with housing, employment and leisure activities, as well as more specific matters related to your children and your own physical and emotional health

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