Did You Know?

Drinking alcohol can damage your baby. The safest level of alcohol during pregnancy is none at all and at the most one to two units per week.

Heavy drinking is particularly dangerous and you should really try to avoid it. Check your favourite drinks and their unit at

How Does Drinking Affect My Baby?

If you drink when you are pregnant the alcohol crosses the placenta and enters the baby's blood stream. You would not feed your baby alcohol when it is born, so why now when you are pregnant?

The most risky time is in the first three months as heavy drinking can cause damage to your baby's developing organs.

Top Tips to Avoid Drinking

  • Increase your confidence that you don't need to drink to have a good time - go out with your friends and try it!

  • Take with you your favourite non alcoholic drink when you go out with friends.

  • Ask your friends to meet you in a café rather than a pub.

  • Ask for support from your friends - tell them the effects of alcohol on your baby.

These are a list of some websites which might give you some advice and support

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