Children Centres

What are they?

Children's Centres are places where all parents with young children can go to find out about anything to do with families all under one roof. Children's Centres provide different things for different people, sometimes In a Children's Centre building and sometimes In a community venue.

Children playing togetherDifferent Children's Centres offer different things and most of this is free. There are a range of different groups and activities and you can choose which group or activity Is best for you and your baby, Most Children's Centres offer groups where you and your baby can go and meet other parents with similar aged babies and be involved in activities such as messy play or baby massage. Your baby is never too young to attend and will probably enjoy the experience.

Not everyone likes to go to groups and that is OK, sometimes it is easier if you bring a friend or relative with you. Children's Centres have friendly and approachable staff who can help you by providing Information about any parenting question you might have, and If you would like you can talk to a family support worker who will answer your questions In a non judgemental way. If you want to think about returning to college or other training courses the Children's Centre can also help support and guide you. They can help you with information and applying for grants and bursaries to help with the cost of this. Children's Centres can also help you find transport and childcare.

Children's Centres are a good source of Information and are a great place to meet new people and make new friends too... and If at any time you need a bit of extra help, Children's Centres all offer someone to one support just for you from one of their family support workers.

south west map of childrens centresYour Health Visitor can help you make contact with your local Children Centre.

If you want more information about children centres in Somerset, click here.

If any information contained in this website is not clear or you need information please contact you local Health Visitor Young Parent Programme Practitioner - Remember you are not on your own.

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