prescription drugsThis section covers everyday over the counter or prescribed medicines as well as street drugs


  • Even if a drug or medication you have been taking does not give you any side effects, it may be affecting your baby.

  • Many medicnes are safe, such as medication to treat long-term conditions such as asthma, overactive thyroid, underactive thryroid, diabetes and epilepsy. To be sure a medicine is safe in pregnancy talk to your doctor immediately if you take regular medication, as soon as you flnd out you are pregnant

  • If you have been prescribed any medication ask the pharmacist whether it is safe to take when you are pregnant and tell the person prescribing it that you are pregnant.

  • This also Includes your hairdresser, as you need to check that any chemlcals used are safe for the baby.

  • Always read the label if you buy any medication over the counter and again check with someone at the pharmacy.

Street Drugs

The best start you can give your baby Is one without drugs.

All street drugs will harm your baby. They Increase the risk of miscarriage, damage to your developing baby and slow down your baby's growth.

marijuana leafWhat If I took drugs before finding out I was pregnant?

We know many people take drugs as part of their social life. If you took a drug without realising you were pregnant on a one-oflf occasion, be reassured that It's very unlikely to have affected your baby.

Get Help!

If you are taking Illegal drugs, talk to your Health Visitor or midwife, they wont Judge you for taking drugs. Telling them about the drugs shows how much you care about your baby and they can then support you to get help as soon as possible. So the more they know, the more they can help you and your baby to get the right treatment.

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