Father Figures

Most fathers do not realise how important they are.

If fathers are regularly involved, their children are more likely to do well at school and less likely to be involved in crime later in life.

A lot of fathers say that they want to “be there” for their child. For some this means buying them stuff; others that they want to be there in emergencies, or that they want to be involved in bringing their child up in every way.

Some Dads find it difficult to relate to a baby and can't wait for them to start running around, but the bonds with the baby start way before they can walk and talk. The more they can hold, cuddle and talk to their baby the closer they will feel to their baby.

Whoever spends time with the baby and comforts them, whether this is Mum, Dad, Grandma, brothers, sisters or your friends will bond with the baby.

It is a myth that mothers ‘naturally’ know how to care for babies, Mums still have to learn the skills somewhere and Dads need to do the same. Some Dads worry about dropping their babies, being too rough with them or just being clumsy. While obviously babies need careful handling, most Dads learn this very quickly.

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