Feeding When You're Out & About

woman breast feeding

Breastfeeding is just like any other new skill – it takes a little bit of practice. Once you and your baby are good at breastfeeding, you'll feel more confident about doing it wherever you are.
Once you and your baby have got used to it, breastfeeding is very quick and easy to do.

Going back to College or school

If you’re going back to school or college after having your baby, you may have questions about
how to continue breastfeeding. Speak to your school or college before going back, and ask
them what support is available. Can they provide somewhere private for you to sit and
breastfeed or express your breast milk? Could you put expressed milk in a fridge on the

You may find that there are facilities already available for students or teachers who breastfeed. Alternatively, you may be able to arrange to go to your baby at certain break times, so that you can breastfeed there or have the baby brought to you.

When you are back at school or college you can also breastfeed when your baby is at home with you and you can leave expressed breast milk for your baby to have while you are away

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