Friends & Family

Pregnancy can bring big changes to the friendships and relationships you have with the most important people in your life. For some people it will bring them closer together and sometimes it will push them apart.

Some new parents find that being a family becomes the most important thing in their life, which may be difficult for friends to understand. Others find that friendships with other parents develop, while old friendships (with non-parents) decline. Again, it is worth thinking about what you want your relationships to be like after the baby is born.

If friends don’t seem interested in your pregnancy, try to be open with them about how you feel and discuss how they can be involved.

It is not unusual for your family (especially parents), to be upset, angry, or disappointed. Your family may be angry with you because of the pregnancy, your family may be disappointed because you didn’t use contraception, they might be upset because they think you are too young to be parents!

By being the best parent you can be will make your family and friends proud.

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