Handle With Care

Babies are fragile- never shake your baby

A baby's head can easily flop around because its neck muscles are not strong enough to support it. Shaking will cause the head to move back and forward very quickly which can cause a bleed in the babies brain.

You may feel nervous about holding your baby at first, but remember the following:


  • I like to be cuddled close to you
  • I like it when you have your arm around my tummy and my back against your body
  • I like looking over your shoulder
  • I like lying on your chest, but not if you have been smoking
  • I like it in a sling, but only if my head is well supported
  • I like it when you cradle me along the length of your arm or in your lap when we can smile at each other
happy baby


  • I don’t like it when my head is not supported
  • I don’t like it when you are rough with me, even if you are playing
  • I don’t like to be picked up suddenly
  • I don’t like being held at arm’s length, it doesn’t make me feel loved
  • I definitely don't like to be shaken
Sad baby

When I cry, try these

  • Give me a cuddle
  • Sing to Me
  • Gently rock me in your arms or pram
  • Walk around with me
  • Play music to me

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