Healthy Eating Tips

If your diet has been unhealthy, there us no better time to change - set yourself a goal you can achieve and then add a new goal each week!

Goals you could try include:

healthy food for pregnant womenHealthy Eating Notes

  • I will try to eat breakfast every day
  • I will eat a piece of fruit twice this week
  • I will try a vegetable I have not tried before
  • I will not drink fizzy drinks on three days this week
  • I will try to eat a yogurt everyday
  • I will eat pasta once this week

What foods should I avoid when I am pregnant?

  • Raw, undercooked meat
  • Liver
  • Undercooked ready meals
  • Tuna - more than twice a week
  • Raw or uncooked eggs
  • Unpasteurised milk
  • Soft cheese like brie and camembert
  • Raw shellfish
  • Too much caffeine - limit yourself to no more than 2 mugs a day
  • Pâté

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