Play & Communication

Mother communicating with baby

Playing games with your baby will be very important for their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Play will also bring you and your baby closer and makes your time together that much more enjoyable.

Forget all those expensive toys, the very best toy for a young baby is you. Your baby will be able to see your face well if you hold them cradled in your arms or in a sitting position on your lap (with head well supported). You can talk, laugh, sing, even read a story and your baby will enjoy the interaction.

Remember, the more your baby laughs, the less they cry!

Some babies are easily over stimulated. If they start to cry during playtime, don't worry, just switch to calmer activities like cuddling, looking at picture books or singing soft songs.

Remember that your baby can hear your voice from when you are about 14 weeks pregnant, so start to talk to your baby while it’s in the womb.

Pregant Mother sleeping

Though your baby can't talk, they will communicate with you from the moment they are born. The first attempts at communications are gazing at your face which is soon followed by cooing and smiling.

Talk to your baby - watch their reaction and wait for their response. Watch what your baby is doing - every movement of arms or legs waving is part of your baby's response to you.

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