Safety Equipment

What you need to get now:

Child car seat

This is the only bit of baby safety equipment you'll need from day one. It is required by law and you will not be allowed to leave the hospital after your baby's birth without one.

Group 0 child car seats are suitable from birth, through to Group 3 child car seats for bigger children up to 12 years old.

Not all car seats offer adequate baby safety protection, so get advice on the best one.

You should never buy a second hand car seat unless you know the person very well that you are buying it from and you are sure that it has never been in an accident.

Do not keep the baby in the car seat for longer than necessary.

Bath mats

A simple rubber bath mat will help prevent your baby from slipping in the bath.

Baby monitorsBaby monitors for baby safety

Baby monitors shouldn't be regarded as a safety device – they are more for convenience, so you can hear your baby crying if you are in another part of the house or in the garden.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Audible smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are essential devices for the keeping you and your baby safe. It should let you know immediately if there is smoke or carbon monoxide in your home.

Remember to test alarms monthly to make sure they are operating correctly and replace batteries every year. An alarm is no good if the battery is flat!

What you need to get when your baby starts moving around independently:

Stair gatesstair guard for baby safety on stairs

Gate and barriers keep children out of kitchens and off the staircase, where serious injuries can occur.

Fire guard/radiator guard

These prevent your baby from burning themselves on a hot radiator. Though not relevant for all homes, if you have any sort of fire, a fire guard is an essential piece of baby safety equipment.

Your fire guard needs to be full size and hooked to the wall for maximum safety. A proper fire guard should also have a top that prevents items from being thrown into a fire - a curved top is best because it will act as a deterrent against placing objects on the guard.

Socket covers

To stop little fingers exploring electric sockets

Table corner covers

These will hopefully protect your baby’s head a little if they bump into the corner of a table. Drawer and cupboard catches

Drawer and cupboard catches

These only allow a cupboard or drawer to open a few centimetres, unless you releases the catch.

Drawer and cupboard catches are essential once your baby starts crawling and exploring to keep baby fingers safe from sharp objects such as knives or breakables like crockery and glassware.

Door slam stoppers

These will prevent doors from shutting on your child's fingers and also stop them from shutting themselves in a room - essential once your babies start walking.

Window locks

Another essential piece of baby safety kit once your baby starts moving around independently is locks for your windows.

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