What Are The Signs That I Want Something

I want to be fed?

baby breast feeding

Babies often have a special sound or cry they make when they're hungry and you'll soon learn to identify it. Some babies suck on their hands,fingers or fists. You may also notice your baby turns their head strongly to one side while opening theirmouth. This is called rooting, and they are looking for your nipple!

I’m tired and need to sleep?

Many babies fuss or cry when they need to sleep. Some babies will stare, with glazed eyes, before drifting off. Or your baby may suddenly look quite pale. They might stop being interested in being played with or looking at something, and stop responding to you and what's happening around them.

I’m bored or lonely?

Babies don't have to be entertained constantly, because they usually find things to look at. your baby may well enjoy short quiet times to explore their surroundings. However, if your baby feels lonely, you may notice them looking around for something interesting to stare at. If they are in a calm state with a wide-eyed look, they may be ready for some company or to learn something new.

I’ve got wind?

crying baby

If your baby has wind, they may cry or fuss, and pull their knees up to their stomach. They may look as though they are in pain. Your baby may screw up their face too and seem agitated.

I have a wet or dirty nappy which is making me uncomfortable?

Some babies don't mind having a wet or soiled nappy, but others really don't like it. Your baby will let you know through their behaviour and by crying or being restless. They may also have more subtle ways of telling you. They may grow pale or red in the face, look away and lose interest in playing.

I want to play?

Your baby will be interested in playing with you from birth. They will tell you by becoming calm and alert, and looking at you with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. They may open their mouth into an "oo" shape or make noises as if to call you.

I’m too hot or too cold?

Your baby needs to wear the same amount of clothes that you do, depending on the temperature. Feel the back of their neck to find out if your baby is hot or cold. Look at their skin colour too. If it's mottled with patches of red and blue, it could mean your baby’s body is trying to adjust to the right temperature.

I’m over stimulated?

baby with hand up

Some babies are easily overwhelmed, and can only cope with short bursts of play. Your baby may show you they have had enough by sneezing, yawning, looking pale or very red, or looking away. They may shut down, and look as if they are going to sleep. Or they may start to fuss or cry, or push you away.

Your baby may need you to help them settle down, as some babies find it hard to unwind after a lot of stimulation. Holding your baby calmly in your arms or over your shoulder may help or try putting them down in a quiet place, with your hand resting gently on their belly.

I want to be soothed?

Babies are born with the ability to self-soothe. In fact, while your baby is curled up in your uterus (womb), your baby may  find it easy to suck its hands or fingers. After your baby is born, however, it may not be as easy to reach them!

Your baby may fuss, cry, frown or start to kick and wriggle if they want your help to calm down. By watching your baby's movements, you can tell if they like to put their fist, hand or fingers near or into their mouth.

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